let you give to the lady Let you do all I’m saying,” the Jew advises him. I’ll provide you with the best of fishing tackle, and do you go down to the stream for to fish in it too. Whatever comes [62]to your line let you give to the lady. But say nothing might scare her at all and don’t follow after her if she turns to go home.” The next day M’Carthy went out for to fish, not a long was he at the stream before the lady came down and the six waiting maids along with her. Sure enough she was the picture of the statue, and she had the loveliest golden hair was ever seen. M’Carthy had the luck to catch a noble trout, and he took it off the hook, rolled it in leaves and brought it to the lady, according to the advice of the Jew. She was pleased to accept the gift of it, but didn’t she turn home at once and the six waiting maids along with her. When she went into her own house she took the fish to her father. There was a noble person at the stream this day,” she says, and he made me a present of the trout.” Next morning M’Carthy went to fish again, and he seen the lady coming and her six waiting maids walking behind her. He caught a splendid fine trout and brought it over to her; with that she turned home at once. Father,” says she, when she went in, [63]the gentleman is after giving me a fish is bigger and better nor the one I brought back yesterday. If the like happens at the next time I go to the stream I will be inviting the noble person to partake of refreshment in this place.” Let you do as best pleases yourself,” says her father. Well, sure enough, M’Carthy got the biggest trout of all the third time. The lady was in the height of humour, and she asked would he go up to the house with her that day. She walked with M’Carthy beside her, and the six waiting maids behind them. They conversed very pleasantly together, and at last he found courage for to tell her of how he travelled the world to seek no person less than herself. I’m fearing you’ll need to set out on a second journey, the way you will be coming in with some other one,” says she. I have an old father is after refusing two score of suitors were asking me off him. I do be thinking I’ll not get joining the world at all, unless a king would be persuading himself of the advancement is in having a son-in-law wearing a golden crown upon his [64]head. The whole time it is great freedom I have, and I walking where it pleases me with six waiting maids along with me. The old man has a notion they’d inform him if I was up to any diversion, but that is not the way of it at all.” It is funning you are, surely,” says M’Carthy. If himself is that uneasy about you how would it be possible you’d bring me to the house to be speaking with him?” He is a kindly man and reasonable,” says she, and it is a good reception you’ll be getting. Only let you not be speaking of marriage with me, for he cannot endure to hear tell of the like.”