How to use walnut oil and beeswax

Guide: The maintenance of mahogany furniture is very important. Choosing good maintenance products is a top priority. Walnut oil and beeswax are two kinds of maintenance agents for mahogany furniture. They not only moisturize wood, but also prevent cracking and deformation of furniture. Today we come Learn how to use them.
Mahogany furniture is favored by consumers for its gorgeous shape and high collection value. The maintenance of mahogany furniture is also very particular. Beeswax and walnut oil have their unique effects on the maintenance of mahogany furniture, and there are different ways of using them.

Mahogany furniture

Walnut oil
Walnut oil is a good redwood curing agent made from walnut kernels with a light fragrance. Because it does not contain chemical components, it is a natural environmentally-friendly grease. It is also a kind of dry oil. It is rubbed on hardwood furniture and dried to form a protective film, which can reduce the intrusion of humid air in the atmosphere and prevent the furniture from cracking. .

Walnut oil

How to use walnut oil
1. Drop a little walnut oil onto the cotton thread, evenly spread it by hand, and try to wipe it on a clean table or cabinet. After rubbing the second or third, the tabletop has the appearance of walnut oil. When cleaning, you need to carefully wipe along the texture of the furniture, so that the wooden furniture that is wiped out absorbs the essence of the walnut oil just right, the light is bright, the dead corner of the ornamentation will not have excess oil stains, and the dust of the dead corners will be decorated. Can also be cleaned up together.

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How to use walnut oil

2, the use of walnut oil to wipe the furniture frequency should not be too much, under normal circumstances, 2-3 months can be used once.

What if the walnut oil is used too much?
1. When doing maintenance, if you accidentally use excessive amount or feel that the furniture oil is greasy, immediately wipe it with dry cotton thread until the back of the hand rubs on the smooth surface without any obvious oily light. The dead corner of the ornament has no excess oil. .

How to use too much walnut oil?

2. If the oil is not treated in time, too much walnut oil has been immersed in the wood, and can be wiped with dry cotton silk. The carved corners can be brushed with a little brush on the brown corner, and the grease can be brushed out.

3. If too much walnut oil has caused some smell or even mildew in the furniture, this is more troublesome. Need to find a professional to scrape off the excess grease with a carving knife, and then clean and repair. This work is too time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is best to be careful when maintaining furniture.

Precautions for using walnut oil
The season of curing with walnut oil is best selected in the early spring and early autumn, because it is easy to leave sweat on the surface of the furniture in summer, and the dry dust in winter is easy to form dirt.

Precautions for using walnut oil

When wiping the surface of the furniture with a rag with walnut oil, be sure to apply a proper amount. The oil is too much to rub. The wood is difficult to absorb at one time. The oil that is not absorbed on the surface is easy to stick to dust.

Beeswax varieties and prices
In terms of price, the price of beeswax for foreign brands is relatively high, between 110-210 yuan (per 400 grams). However, for foreign products, sellers always take into account the freight, and the export products need fine packaging, so it is necessary to have a higher price than the local wax. There are many kinds of domestic beeswax, and the quality grade is also different because of the price, and the range of choice for consumers is large. Therefore, the price advantage of domestic beeswax products is obvious, generally between 40-100 yuan (per 400 grams). Sometimes, the same quality beeswax products will be imported more than twice as expensive as domestic ones.


Beeswax itself is a natural product, natural and healthy, and even has the effect of hand protection, can be operated by hand. It is safe and environmentally friendly and will not seal the original pores of the wood, so it will not affect the natural aroma of wood.

Beeswax can be operated by hand

The maintenance of locally produced furniture with domestic beeswax is in line with the local maintenance rules. However, it should be noted that although there are many kinds of beeswax products in China, the quality still needs consumers to pay more attention to it. It is best to buy products of those who are trustworthy. Some small workshops, although known as "natural beeswax", are not necessarily purely natural.

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Difference with beeswax
Beeswax products will naturally differ in their efficacy due to different prices. The most important point is wax oil. During the maintenance of the furniture, the beeswax secretes a layer of wax oil. After the beeswax is wiped onto the furniture, the good beeswax and the wax oil volatilize quickly; the poor beeswax, the wax oil content is high, and the volatilization is slow. However, the amount of wax oil is difficult to distinguish in the selection process, and can only be felt during use. Therefore, different beeswax will have different effects in use.

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Difference with beeswax

Another difference in beeswax is the softness of the wax itself. At normal temperature, good wax storage time is longer, it is generally difficult to deteriorate, basically it is still the original look. The poor quality wax will often become too soft or too hard after being stored for a period of time, which is not convenient to use. These differences are caused by the different quality of the beeswax. Of course, when observing beeswax, it is also necessary to eliminate the difference caused by temperature changes, because the wax itself will change with the temperature.

The use of beeswax is very simple. Wipe the wax onto the furniture with a cotton cloth. If the temperature difference is large, the wax itself will have different degrees of soft and hard changes. When the wax becomes hard, it needs to be softened first. Under normal circumstances, first put it in a warm room and use it the next day.

In addition, after use, it should be sealed at the first time to avoid the entry of debris and affect the practical effect of wax.

Beeswax color and furniture
As far as the sales situation is concerned, the best sales are beeswax in four colors of white, yellow, black and brown. They are mainly used on furniture that is color-matched, such as red sandalwood, ebony, etc., which need to use black beeswax; huanghuali, rosewood, etc. are more suitable for white beeswax. The color of the beeswax can make the color of the same color furniture more prominent and play a role. Domestic waxes are generally primary colors. However, the foreign wax is only a hundred yuan, and there is no domestic wax in bulk, which has the advantage of high cost performance.

Beeswax color and furniture

In addition, it should also be noted that beeswax cannot be mixed with walnut oil. If you want to use walnut oil after waxing, at least one month later.

How many pieces of furniture can a piece of wax
Currently, there are two types of waxes on the market, one is 400 grams and the other is 5 liters. For household use or for low-volume customers, 400 grams can be used. 400 grams of wax can be used 3-5 times on 5 sets of furniture, which is very economical (as long as the user uses the correct instructions). The amount of 5 liters is equivalent to the amount of 400 grams of 10 boxes, and the amount can be calculated by this.

A few points to pay attention to wax
1. When applying wax, it must be evenly applied to every place, and it should not be missed. The amount of application should not be much, evenly covered;

A few points to pay attention to wax

2, do not immediately pick it up, wait for 5 minutes, then remove the excess wax along the wood grain;

3. When polishing, use clean cotton yarn, towel (no lint) or polishing brush to polish back and forth along the wood grain.

The difference between domestic wax and imported wax
The domestic wax film is very full and has a soft luster. Foreign beeswax is refined by pure natural beeswax and pure natural carnauba wax. The wax film also has strength and toughness and strong adhesion. It can be said that from the quality point of view, both have their own advantages.

Whether it is domestic beeswax or foreign beeswax, they have strong penetration and deep moisturize and protect furniture like natural lacquer. It's shiny and beautiful on the furniture, and it doesn't look like it. It's like using the unique patina that comes out after a long time, making the furniture look more beautiful.

Mahogany furniture is completely new

Whether it is walnut oil or beeswax, mahogany furniture can be renewed if used properly Osteogenic Sarcoma.