It is the bamboo mat that has been left with lotus, fragrance gone, and cold as jade, showing a deep cool autumn season. It is the clear and cold in li qing zhao's words of yearning for her husband that makes her frown come back to her heart. Red lotus both lovesickness, jade Dian autumn has filled the house of the king, the cloud who send brocade book, a words "who" have seen li qingzhao yearning yearning, is her only lean on a railing, miss around far-away place of Zhao Mingcheng stroke skirt, to the depths, I didn't know it was cold, and tight tight skirt, has the bright moonlight soaked, on the west side of the pavilion with floor.


By material support feeling, flowers from the fluttering water, petals have become acacia, brought her miss water, li qing zhao naturally know, she and zhao mingcheng are two places of acacia miss each other.

According to the record, li qingzhao and zhao mingcheng had no children all their lives, which in the feudal public opinion background of "unfilial piety has three no empress", the woman did not come out, no matter who the reason was, can be unconditionally terminated.

Li qingzhao not only did not be Hugh, but also can be in the husband's home by nature to drink wine lyrics, it can be seen that zhao mingcheng is how much she loves.

Therefore, it can be seen that a woman in a marriage can live out their own appearance of marriage is how important to people.

With the death of zhao mingcheng, jiangshan yizhu, beauty late, the old age of li qingzhao into a country broken and lost and miserable. The wind of words becomes desolate, and there is often a sullen mood in the bleak and miserable.

In her wine, already did not have the naive freedom in that year, also did not have the romantic warmth in thousand kinds of love, even the wine quantity was also not as good as before.

"Three cups and two cups", has been all kinds of melancholy, in fact, life, the most difficult to general interest, is the national hate, is the death of the family, is the Yin and Yang separated by the pain, such as the ground, the accumulation of yellow flowers, gaunt damage, this time, how a worry word ah!

Is the sorrow die like a flower beauty? When li qingzhao took refuge in jinhua, zhejiang, he climbed the building and looked at half of the mountain from afar. Three thousand li south of the water, pressure jiangcheng 14 states." A good "air pressure river city 14 states," although displaced, is still the spirit of the country's mind and spirit.

She will not be like xin qiji, die hard to remonstrate, nor like yue fei, bloody battlefield. How can a thousand tender feelings get a word? A woman, then for the world to bear all the sorrow, taste the sorrow of a thousand times.