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4 tips on how to use the spray winter weather to dry, what is essential in the MM bag to know what is? It is a moisturizing spray, which is usually made up of warm spring water or natural mineral water, which contains rich trace elements and minerals. Moisturizing spray can moisturize the skin anytime and anywhere, and it can increase the skin's natural protection. But do you know the correct way to use spray Dream beauty pro hard sell ?

Choosing a good spray for your own spray is very important. Because of a better moisturizing spray it has two kinds of functions, the first is to moisturize skin, to relieve and calm the skin. Some people think salty spray is bad, but it's a wrong idea. Proper sodium content can maintain the same osmotic pressure as human body fluid, so that the skin is better absorbed, just like blood, tears and physiological saline are the same. This also shows that if you are allergic to metal, you should be careful to choose a spray of high mineral ion content. The choice of simple ingredients is more suitable for you. Spray cannot be used as make up water moisturizing spray thought after the skin has added enough moisture, do not need to wipe any maintain article again to keep this comfortable feeling, this idea is wrong. You may feel that the moisture of your skin is enough, but the feeling of freshness and humidity is only temporary because of the spray Dream beauty pro hard sell

Not containing (or not enough) lipid to lock in moisture. So if you use only spray every day to protect your skin, your skin will become drier and more sensitive and prone to inflammation and even fine lines and wrinkles. Spray can often use simple use and its moisturizing spray moisturizing efficacy will let MM people occasionally take a place, it is important to note that you as far as possible under the condition of the skin is dry and then use the spray, spray or choose to increase the air humidity in the air can also achieve the goal of moisture.

Spray must not be sprayed directly on your face Dream beauty pro hard sell

Some MM in order to allow spray and skin to absorb better, basically put nozzle to the face of the face spray. In fact, not all spray can be sprayed directly on the face, only the spray nozzle is a mist of sunscreen, delicate and even, only suitable for spraying directly on the face. If you spray the spray of a large droplet, you can only spray your hands first and then your face. So that's how you use a moisturizing spray. Are you doing something wrong? Moisturizing spray is just one of the spray, spray it directly on the face, do not need to pat dry, very suitable for often stay in air conditioning room of the white collar, you can make by computer radiate skin fully.

Do enough sunscreen to whiten and protect against light aging

As the age gradually increases, the skin gradually shows signs of aging. And the fierce ultraviolet ray in summer is easy to let skin show aging more. Light aging is faster than natural aging. Therefore, want to retain the youth beautiful skin, want to do good sun - whitening work, fight fierce ultraviolet ray harm.

The cause of "photoageing"

Exposed parts of the skin under the influence of the sun, accumulate over a long period of ultraviolet not only causes melanin precipitation, more can make basement membrane is damaged, cause the skin dry rough oxidation, make skin loses elasticity, wrinkles and sagging skin premature aging.

The main culprit of "light aging" : insufficient sun protection

Sunscreen is the first step in the fight against "light aging," but many women don't have a clear understanding of how the product is chosen and used.

Recognize the SPF

SPF and PA are labeled in each bottle of sunscreen, showing the time multiples of the skin's resistance to UVB and UVA (uv). Daily life and participation in outdoor activities should choose sunscreen according to different environment, so that skin can get the most effective care.

Choose the right SPF

1. People with normal skin types should have an SPF of 8 to Dream beauty pro .

2. For light sensitive people, the SPF should be 12~ 20.

3. Sensitive skin should choose the sunscreen of plant formula or the physical sunscreen with titanium dioxide.