Autumn pear cream is a common food product in autumn. It is made of selected autumn pear (or duck pear, snowflake pear) as the main raw material, together with other cough relieving, expectorant, shengjin, nourishing lung medicine, such as raw land, pueraria, radish, wheat, lotus root, ginger juice, fritillaria, honey and other raw materials. So, autumn encounters cough, can you eat autumn pear cream after all?

Autumn dry also divides cool and warm

Temperature and dryness, belonging to the early autumn feeling dryness, often with the heat of summer, the symptoms of heat, minor wind chill, headache, dry cough less phlegm, pharynx dry mouth dry, less urine volume, dry stool. At this time can be appropriate to take autumn pear cream, or lily porridge, water chestnuts, sugar cane, such as heat and runfei products.

Cold and dry, belonging to the feeling of dryness in late autumn, often with a cold near winter, the performance of cold, slightly fever, nasal congestion flow, pharynx and cough, white and thin phlegm, head pain, no sweat. To cool dryness, the principle of diet health should be based on cold moist. Can eat chestnuts congee, lotus seed congee, longan meat congee, jujube congee and so on, and more eat a few partial warm fruit vegetables, such as pumpkin, scallion ginger, coriander, apricot, jujube.

Fall regimen diet principles

The air of autumn dryness tends to hurt the lungs. Therefore, the autumn diet should be light, less Fried things, more fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetables should choose Chinese cabbage, spinach, winter melon, cucumber, white fungus; Meat can eat rabbit, duck, etc. Eat more radish, lotus root, banana, pear, honey, such as runfei shengjin, Yang qingdry food.

Another rule of the fall regimen is more acid and less acid. Autumn is when lung qi is in season, spicy food helps lung qi, and overeating leads to hyperventilation which can lead to respiratory problems such as cough and yellow phlegm. And sour food enters liver, liver qi can control lung qi, make human body is in balance state. Eat as little as possible or do not eat ginger, garlic, pepper, liquor, such as hot and dry products and Fried, fatty things. Eat more sour food, such as tangerine, hawthorn, etc.

Old people with weak constitution and spleen and stomach and patients with chronic diseases can eat porridge in the morning, such as lily lotus porridge, black sesame porridge, can eat more red jujube, lotus seeds, lily, Chinese wolfberry fruit, such as qingbu, ping tonic products, so as to get rid of diseases and prolong life. In addition, special attention should be paid to clean and sanitary diet, to protect the spleen and stomach, more into warm food, temperance of cold food, cold drink, so as not to cause enteritis, dysentery and other diseases.

Hydration is the key to moistening dryness

The main climate characteristic of autumn is dry, lack moisture in air, human body is same lack moisture, human body is in dry environment very easy occurrence "dry disease". So from the point of view of health, autumn should be mainly nourishing body fluid, eat more nourishing Yin, moistening dryness food.

In order to adapt to the characteristics of autumn drying, we must often give ourselves "replenishment" to alleviate the damage of dry climate to human body. Drinking more water is also a necessary method to improve "autumn dryness".