we were promised so much for this year


  programmatic advertising, . GDpR, AI, and the blockchain revolution were all set to make an impact. But to what extent have these predictions come true and what should you look out for in 2018 and beyond?

  This year we have witnessed many miraculous things: Barbra Streisand cloned her dead dog, a man in America consumed his 30,000th Big Mac of the year, and a Dairy Queen drive–through served a bear ice cream.

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  But what can we say for programmatic advertising?


  At the beginning of the year, the coming of GDpR was likened to the Mayan apocalypse. It would either revolutionise the way we, as marketers, operated forever or damn us for eternity.

  And for a short while, there was some confusion. In the immediate aftermath of May 25th, European ad tech companies reported a 40% drop in media spend and automated ad requests declined as much as 25%.

  The loss of third-party data and the impact it would have on targeted campaigns were world ending to some.

  But months on from GDpR and media buying is recovering to its previous position. Contextual targeting, as well as first-party data, has risen to the occasion. It’s safe to say programmatic advertising is in the clear…for the moment. As a trend for 2018, you can throw GDpR to the depths of your closet alongside those juicy velour tracksuits and jelly shoes (what were those 90s kids thinking?).

  Instead, expect new strategies for targeted advertising to emerge in the coming months. As well as literature ready to guide you in best practice for 2019.

  Video and programmatic

  But what of video? We were told at the advent of 2018 that video advertising’s share of ad spend would rise, exciting formats would become more prominent, and programmatic advertising would come to linear TV.

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  Well in this regard, video is delivering.

  In fact, it’s predicted that by the beginning of 2019 video ad spend will rise to $13.43 billion. Video adverts experience the highest click-through-rates of 1.84%. So it’s unsurprising that their share of ad spend continues to rise. What’s more, formats such as outstream and social in-feed ads now account for more than half of video spend.

  Most interesting of all is in the opportunities for programmatic within linear TV. eMarketer predicts that U.S. advertisers will buy $3.8 billion in TV ads in 2019, a 236% increase from 2017. The launch of services such as Sky AdSmart and theTradeDesk mean that programmatic will soon take over TV.

  We predict that video and programmatic’s share of the TV market will continue to rise in 2018 and beyond.

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