How much compensation Young Webster found a home in the family of James Osgood, Esq., registrar of deeds for the county of Oxford. Mr. Osgood did not propose to do the work himself, but was authorized to get it done HKUE ENG .

One evening soon after the advent of his new boarder, the registrar said, Mr. Webster, have you a mind to increase your income?”

I should be exceedingly glad to do so, sir,” answered the young man, his face brightening with hopeful expectation.

You are aware that I hold the position of registrar of deeds for the county. It is my duty to see that all deeds are properly recorded?”

Yes, sir.&rdquo HKUE ENG;

This work I do not care to do myself, having sufficient other work to occupy my time. How would you like to undertake it in the evening? It would not interfere with your school duties.”

I am not a very good penman,” said the young man doubtfully.

Handsome penmanship is not required. It is sufficient if the deeds are copied in a plain, legible hand, and this may be attained by effort.”

How much compensation would be allowed?&rdquo HKUE ENG ;

I receive two shillings and threepence for each deed recorded. I will allow you one shilling and sixpence, and you can average two deeds in an evening. What do you say?”

One shilling and sixpence was twenty-five cents. Two deeds therefore would bring the young teacher fifty cents, and four evenings’ work, therefore, would pay his board, and leave him his salary clear. This was a tempting inducement, though it would involve dry and tedious labor.