subtly as some musical instrument Stella looked down at him, and a faint color stole into her cheeks.

It is I who should beg pardon University partnership  can bring together the strengths of both tertiary institutions in research, technology development and application, and last but not least, education in nurturing future generations. ; I am not frightened, but your horse was—and by me?

He half glanced at the horse standing quiet enough now, with its bridle over his arm.

He is an idiot! he said, quickly; an obstinate idiot, and incapable of fear. It was mere pretense.

For which you punished him, said Stella, with a quick smile.

He looked up at her, and slowly there came into his eyes and his lips that smile of which Mr. Etheridge had spoken, and which Stella had foreseen.

You are afraid I am going to whip him again?

Yes, she said, with simple directness.

He looked at her with a curious smile dermes .


You are right, he said; I was. There are times when he requires a little correction; to-night is one of them. We have not seen each other for some little time, and he has forgotten who is master. But I shall not forget your 'No,' and will spare the whip; are you satisfied?

It was a strange speech, closing with a strangely abrupt question. It was characteristic of the speaker, who never in all his life probably had known for a moment what nervousness or embarrassment meant. Judging by his tone, the easy flow of the musical voice, the frank, open manner, one would have imagined that this meeting with a strange and beautiful girl was the most matter-of-fact affair.

Are you satisfied? he repeated, as Stella remained silent, trying to fight against the charm of his simple and direct manner. If not, perhaps that will do it? and taking the whip, a strong hunter's crop, in both his white hands, he broke it in two as easily as if it were a reed, and flung it over his shoulder.

Stella flushed, but she laughed, and her dark eyes beamed down upon him with serious archness.

Does not that look as if you were afraid you should not keep your promise?

He smiled up at her.

It does, he said—you are right; I may have been tempted beyond my strength. He is a bad-tempered beast, and I am another dermes . Why do you laugh——?

He broke off, his voice changing as subtly as some musical instrument.

Stella hesitated a moment.

I beg you will tell me—I shall not be offended.

She laughed, and clung with one hand to the lilac, looking down on him.